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Panzarkatten's Voron V0.1 to Tri-Zero/BoxZero/0.2 rebuild

### 2023-01-16
Slowly everything is starting to come together. All needed parts have arrived and almost all parts (I hope) is printed including the new mini SB.
One big change have been made to the plan as well. I will go BoxZero after all. Even though the new top hat on the v0.2 is better then the old I really don't like the top hat and I do prefer a full frame. The reason I didn't want to go that route before was that I thought that if I'm going BoxZero I might as well do the full Tri-Zerp Plus50 with it's bigger size. But with that most of the hardware and rails would need to be bought again etc. But a standard BoxZero is a good middle ground where I can keep all the rails and everything. Ordered some 360mm makerbeam extrusions since that was the closest size they had precut.

20230114_215047455_iOS (Large).jpg
20230114_215517191_iOS (Large).jpg
20230115_174206699_iOS (Large).jpg

Got to have a matching hex tray of course :)