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position_endstop in section 'stepper_z' must be between position_min and position_max


Hi all, i have another question ^^. my printer gives me an error message. After Z_ENDSTOP_CALIBRATE Klipper will restart. after i got the error message `position_endstop in section 'stepper_z' must be between position_min and position_max' . When i put it in the printer.cfg

position_min: -3
position_endstop: 0 -----> this entry here
position_max: 380

the error message is gone.
But when i restart the Z_ENDSTOP_CALIBRATE

Klipper is set a # before the entry

position_min: -3
#position_endstop: 0 -----> this entry here
position_max: 380

and the error message comes again O-o.
Can someone explain this behave?

Thank you


The active position_endstop after you save_config is down the bottom of the file, in the save_config special block. From the error, I can infer that the value is slightly negative: fundamentally this is fine, it just means the endstop is slightly below the bed.

I assume this is a voron 2? If so, your position_min should be -5 as seen in all stock configs. This allows the endstop to work properly, as well as accommodating the fact that the gantry may well drop below "0" during the qgl process.