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Question Problem with Klipper printer.cfg


I am running through my printer.cfg file in Klipper. When I try to save and restart I get "Unable to parse option 'position_endstop' in section 'stepper_z'". I attach the klippy log. As well as telling me that it can't parse position_endstop, it also gives a value error in the position_endstop. In the printer.cfg file, the position_endstop value is -0.5 but in the klippy log it is shown as "-0.5\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nUncomment below for 300mm build". I have no idea where that comes from or why it does not show in the printer.cfg file but I guess that is causing the problem since it can't be converted to float. Does anybody have suggestions as to how I can get a purely numerical string into the value of the position_endstop? If that is not the issue, then how do i get printer.cfg to parse it? Sorry if this is a stupid question or has been asked before but I have spent 3 days on Google tring top find the answer:cry:


  • klippy (9).log
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Looks like you somehow "uncommented" the comment "Uncomment below for 300mm build"
Try putting a '#' as the first character on that line.