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Solved Printed parts Differences between MGN9 and MGN12?


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As part of my TAP adventure, I need to replace the MGN9 on the X-Axis with MGN12. It appears that some parts of the Left & Right XY Joints need to be replaced. Is there any information on exactly what parts need to printed for this change? Is there a list of printed part differences between r1 & r2?

Edit: Just to be clear - I'm building the StealthBurner / ClockWork-2 to replace Afterburner / ClockWork-1 and TAP which will replace x-carriage. I think I'm OK with all that. Just wondering about any other 'gotcha's in the conversion.

I'm fearful of finding out I have to print more parts after I begin the change and have no way to print. TIA

Edit: Pretty sure I found four parts. Might be more, don't know.
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For the MGN12 conversion on the X you need to change the XY joints (since it has a cutout for the rail) and the X carriage (sounds like you’re going to tap). Remember to print the rail center guides as well for the MGN12.
Thanks so much. That’s the answer I was hoping for. I just thought of the MGN12 center guides this afternoon, so I’ve got 2 of them printed. I’ll get the 4 XY joint pieces printed tomorrow.