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QUAD_GANTRY_LEVEL fails due very high Actuator Positions


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4 Pro Formbot
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
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Hi guys,

I am building up a Voron 2.4 Pro Formbot. Now I am trying for nearly a week to fix the issue with my gantry level.

Switching wiring of the motors doesn't help. Now I have front left -> Z0, rear left -> Z1, rear right Z2, front right Z3.

WIth this wiring I am getting this result in the quad_gantry_level:
18:14 Aborting quad_gantry_level required adjustment 353839846697334189588480.000000 is greater than max_adjust 2.000000
18:14 Average: -116979654425515982323712.000000
18:14 Actuator Positions: z: 88278656459288212406272.000000 z1: -470819501122850171912192.000000 z2: -105080336047367392329728.000000 z3: 19702563008865418346496.000000
18:14 Gantry-relative probe points: 0: 4.766250 1: 4.661250 2: 4.998750 3: 4.905000
18:14 probe at 50.000,250.000 is z=0.096250

Does someone know how this large numbers are coming up?

Sometimes I see the probing runs some rounds and after each round the system tries to correct the z motors. I have the feeling in the worng direction. The result is after two/three rounds that the max_adjust fails ...


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This is normally a symptom of not having your x / y movement configured properly, or having the z motors wired in the wrong order (which it sounds like you covered)

so when you're moving in x/y, is x=0 on the left? And y=0 at the front?
One potential issue I see is that your QGL points are in the wrong order, which can cause problems:
   50, 50
They should be in the same order as the motors. Try using the values from the stock config (for a 300 size build):
(The Y positions are a bit different because QGL doesn't take probe offset into account.)
Thanks, for the fast answers!

I have change the points and set home_xy_position:50,25

I have to tell that I have tap probe. I have recheck all screws around the tap. Thought it hangs some where.

I have done some tries and got some error messages "No trigger on probe after full movement". Every time when I get this message, I am disabling motors and press the corner a bit down that I get a blue light.

I can not believe it, but after 4-5 rounds I got now a successful quad gantry. Second time ... work again! This really a bit weird!

Retries: 0/3 Probed points range: 0.002500 tolerance: 0.007500

I will keep it so and will go on to finish now the build!

Thanks for your help ... hope now everything will run now good!