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Z axis problem


Printer Model
Voron 2.4
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
hopefully you can help me because I'm lost. The Z offsets sent to the motors are not correct (see below) when running a QGL.
9:08 PM

Making the following Z adjustments:
stepper_z = 6.572249
stepper_z1 = -5.637549
stepper_z2 = -6.653091
stepper_z3 = 5.718391
9:08 PM
Average: 10.051036
9:08 PM
Actuator Positions:
z: 3.478787 z1: 15.688585 z2: 16.704127 z3: 4.332645
9:08 PM
Gantry-relative probe points:
0: 13.265000 1: 5.712500 2: 6.242500 3: 13.855000

As you can see steppers z1 and z2 move negatively correctly, but z0 and z3 move in a positive direction. And to top it off z0 is double the offset any ideas? attached is my config file
. I'm running an MP8 with Steathburner and CAN bus.

thanks, any input would be welcome.


  • MP8.txt
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ok scratch that after taking more stock of the situation. The calculations are ok, its my stepper movements (physical) that don't correspond to the calculations. i have Z0=stepper 3 Z1= stepper 4, Z1 = stepper 5 and Z3= stepper 7. I must admit I'm perplexed will try again tomorrow.

Ok for any newbie's like myself out there just building a Voron2 with Klipper (coming from the Duet world) Here was my answer after many searches' trials and tribulations. All the following was my fault however I could easily see it done by other builders.
a) Reference X0 and Y0 have to be front LHS same as motor Z0
b) When doing a QGL follow the direction of the motors i.e. probe motor0 then motor1 motor2 then motor3.

and after 4 nights of frustration, it lives and does a QGL correctly.
Anyway, just thought I would add my findings and solution.