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QGL question issue?


a quick question regarding QGL. I'm running a Voron2.4 with Tap and Can bus Manta MP8. Everything references fine until I initiate QGL (previously I had an issue with driver 6 going one way on Z it's a known problem on v1.1 boards, thanks to Shiftingtech for the answer and solution. So moved motor Z3 to driver 7, all ok now).
So, I tell it to QLG then it probes the bed in all four corners as it should, but when it gives the offsets motors Z0 and Z3 move up motors Z1 and Z2 move down. I believe it should be the opposite way round (motors 0 and 3 should go down and motors 1 and 2 should go up). My motor set up is as follows, Z0 = driver3, Z1=driver4, Z2=driver5 and Z3=driver7
Has anyone had a similar issue?