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Z axis home problem one axis goes the wrong way


Printer Model
Voron 2.4
Extruder Type
Clockwork 1
Cooling Type
Gents I need some advice on a Z axis home problem. Set up is BTT Manta MP8, Can Bus 2209 /2240 and tap.
Home X
Z goes up 10mm
X goes to home through the Can Bus (no issues)
Home Y
Z goes up another 10mm
Y goes to home (no issues)
Home Z
Z goes up another 10 mm
X and Y go to center position (no issue)
z motors front left (motor 3 z0) back left (motor 5 z1) back right (motor 6 z2) all go DOWN. Now the issue, front right motor (motor 7 z3) goes UP???
Troubleshooting attempt so far.
ran STEPPER_BUZZ=stepper _z3 it only moves UP
changed cable no difference.
changed driver no difference.
any ideas would be appreciated, I have built other printers in the past but using the Duet board never BTT and Klipper. It's as though it's not getting a negative pulse.
any chance z3 is actually in the slot labelled "Motor_6"? and it's a manta m8p v1.1?

There's a known issue in the first release of that board, where the dir_pin of motor 6 is non-functional, leading, to, well...exactly what you describe.
The only solution is to move that motor to a different slot.

if it's not that, the issue still relates to the dir_pin. You should double check that the pin has been correctly identified for the exact version of the board you have
your absolutely right it is in "Motor 6" and it is a MP8 V1.1 that's the issue. The problem now is for "Motor 7" the CS is PD12 that's also the can bus, so that's a no go unless i can change the can to another address (error: pin PD13 is reserved for CAN). Then i moved to "Motor 8" and I get the following. "Unable to read tmc uart 'stepper_z3' register IFCNT". So now I'm lost, I purchased the board from BTT in December, any ideas?
sorry its late, I'm old (so my wife says) and a horses a@@ at times, I was looking at version 1 last time I reprogrammed the *.cfg file not 1.1 signals, its working now and so is the CAN and Tap. Tomorow I will work on my other issues. thank you for all the help I appreciate it. Was almost ready to go back to a duet (at least I know that well). I must admit I'm disappointed in BTT USA sending out the board knowing batches had an issue, but that's a topic for another day. Thanks again night.