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Rasberry pi and Octopus load and flash not working

Hey guy I have been building a custom 24 x 36 printer. I have ran into a snag I could use some help with. I loaded ocroprint on my raspberry 4 just fine. I installed the plug in for octoklipper and it went fine. I went threw all the steps of getting kipper clone and running makeconfig. It all went fine. I created the firmware.bin file and flashed it to the Octopus Max ez and it chander the name to firmware.cur so I pretty sure it went fine. But her is my issue. From this point the pi and octoprint can not see the board. When I run the ls command to find the address it says there is nothing found. When I try and open the configuration file in Octopus to edit it says file does not exist...

What am I missing or what do I need to do different?

update ... problem is fixed. I found that both mainsail OS and Octoprint OS when loaded in the 32-bit version do not add a serial folder into the /dev folder. Because I have a Raspberry 4 it supports 64-bit OS. I reloaded the Mainsail OS and the serial file was there. everything else loaded fine and the PI now can use the by-id command
This is a well documented, and easily fixed bug in udev, for what it's worth