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Revo or Rapido

So I am currently running a Revo on my Trident. No real issues, using the normal .04 nozzle and running a modest 120mm/s speeds. I’d LIKE to start running faster speeds and even consider .06 nozzles, so I am curious if I should switch to a Rapido for that. I also have not been able to reliably print PLA out of my Revo. Flow rates, Z-offsets, speeds, I have changed all I know how and I haven’t been able to get it to work. Curious what y’all are running, and recommendations.
Rapido HF is maxed out at about 300 mm/s with 0.4mm Nozzle and 0.2mm layer height. Revo can handle about half of that... But for most prints accels are more important than pure print speed. With 0.6mm Nozzle you have to print slower because of maximum flow rate of the hotend - but you can be faster to finish the print because of bigger layer height and wider lines. Depends on your needs and detail quality you need.
I run a ton of PLA on my Rev-equipped Trident. No issues at all. When I run PLA, I remove the side and top panels and generally leave the doors open.
Running speed test, input shaper and going through the Andrew Ellis tuning guide helps to dial in the printer. It takes a lot of time up front, but is time well spent.
I run a Rapido HF on my 2.4r2 and print PLA at 24mm^3/s with no trouble at all - have been very pleased with it's performance.
There are 2 different schools of thought on going fast. One being high speeds and accels, the other being fat line width and heights. The quality will often decrease as you begin to print with higher speeds and accels, but less so with fatter line widths and heights. Say you put a .6 nozzle on, and run .3 lh and .7 lw, you would have to go about 60mm/s to max out the revo, and roughly 120-150mm/s to max the rapido out. If you want to go fast, you will most likely need the rapido. That all being said, the #1 way that you can speed up your prints is tuning your accelerations. Due to most prints being relatively small and not straight lines, you dont have that much distance to speed up and slow down meaning acceleration is key. The time difference between 5000mm/s^2 and 15000mm/s^2 is pretty crazy.
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Untill the promised highflow nozzles for revo come out it does not go fast. I'm swapping in a copperhead and 0.6 CHT to print chonky stuff. I've capped the vol flow at 34mm3/s for reliability, which is stil 175mm/s with a 0.3mm layer height and it seems to be doing ok.

I've not actually flow rate calibrated the revo for ABS, it's identical to my v6 for PLA, and with a 0.6 nozzle in the V6, i think it strugles to reach 60mm/s so there's zero point in 0.6 with a fast printer if you dont have the flow rate to keep up.
My Revo is slow and prone to malfunctions. Constantly. I can go a couple hours without an issue then issues start creeping in; shutdown last 5 minutes of 2 hour print, shutdown randomly with random heating issues, print fan pooped out and clogged the Revo.

This is only my 2nd E3D product, but it certainly is my last. I had an old Aero Titan that also isn't good.

The cheap knockoff nozzle included in my formbot kits outperforms the Revo in every regard; speed, flow, detail. And price.

I will be buying a rapido to test sometime, but for now I have a couple Dragons that work flawlessly, a dragonfly that is good, the knockoff E3DV6s that came with my kits that are decent enough for the price. And I have a few mosquitos and copperheads that are still rocking 5+ years later.

I wish I was at the point where my nozzle and hotend were slowing me down, well the Revo certainly has, but I still have a ton of minute details to tinker with until I start fine tuning my slicer.
I have a Revo on a 0.1 so some apples/oranges here but generally I do like it. I didn't build the V0 for speedboats so I do run on the slower side (it mostly prints ABS as well). Nozzle changes are decent on the Revo but I haven't yet setup the end of print retraction so I can easily swap nozzles without having to heat the nozzle up, retract, cool it down, swap nozzles then heat it back up.

Other minor gripe is I've had a bit of filament get broken off at the very top of the nozzle assembly a few times which is initially hard to figure out (and requires removing the nozzle to realize). Some (all?) of the Phaetus hotends have single hand nozzle changes. To me based on having to heat/cool, I think I'd prefer that over the Revo method.

Final gripe, no nickel/copper nozzles. Their fancy Obsidian or whatever sounds nice but it's more than I need/want. I don't need a fancy coating or anything. Feels over-engineered when I have a solution I really really like already. I get such good quality with the nickel/copper nozzles on my MK3s and don't want something more complicated than it needs to be. So I'm hoping they offer those at some point. I forgot how sticky brass is.

On no wait final final gripe, it isn't fully open source and I don't like the trend printer companies are moving towards.

I do have an open post on the V0 forums about a possible issue with the heater but I'm not yet sure if that's actually the Revo. If it is, I expect E3D would replace the failing parts without question. They're a good company and while I really don't like some of the closed source bits, I tend to blame Slice more for starting that recent trend, but still do wish they opened up this design. If they had, I would've probably been converting my Prusa's over as right now I just have reservations about spending more on the closed ecosystem.

Some negatives there yes but overall it's performed very well. I know some folks dog the heater design as being less efficient but I do find it does seem to heat up really fast. Fast enough to start extruding plastic anyway. It does indeed feel much faster than V6 and, at least when my V0 isn't giving me issues, prints are just fantastic.

All that said, for V4 I'll start with the Dragonfly as that's what my V0 came with and I'll see how that goes before I decide if I need a Revo or something else.
Quick update on my Revo experience....one of the wires for the heater cable on the Revo side broke off. That's not a place I'd expect to really see much stress so fairly bummed about that. The quick disconnects I actually don't like and moved away from them on my MK3s as they seemed to cause more problems than they solved and I think that played out here :/

I'm going to risk one of my MK3s again to see about printing the Dragonfly cowling and will switch over to it just so I can get my V0 back up and running printing parts for my 2.4.

Fairly bummed there but oh well. I think the Revo might fare better in the 2.4 where there's more room.
Those two are not really comparable, Revo isn’t a HF hotend. Rapido is HF but doesn’t suffer from oozing and clogs like other HFs. I would always vote for Rapido.