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Rpi Undervoltage

Hey all, I have a 350 DoomCube, so the high voltage components are on the bottom, and the controllers are on the top, running wires in the frame. I have my Rpi powered by a standard 5v means well supply with 24AWG wires but my Pi is constantly throttled showing under voltage warnings during prints. It doesnt effect the print, but since there isnt enough power, I cannot hook up a camera. I currently have the Octopus board and a u2c plugged into USB on my Pi, and cannot hook anything else up. The warnings were coming even before I tried to plug in a camera. So should I try heavier gauge wire, or try and power the Pi via the octopus instead?
If you have a multimeter around, I suggest you to adjust your power supply to 5.1V or 5.2V. This is what the official Raspberry Pi power supplies does in order to have some spare capacity to run the RPi. Also, double check your wiring just to make sure there is no connection issue, like a badly crimped terminal. Using 22AWG or even 20AWG wire also doesn't hurt.
I also had this, even with short wires.
The pi has multiple v- and v+ pins, I just had to connect multiple. So a single pair of thic wires went into 4 dupon female plugs and this works for me now.
I had also the undervoltage messages in klipper, but my pi was powered from the octopus board. In mine LDO kit was a 5volt psu, so i mounted the psu in the electronics compartment and powerd the pi from the PSU, after that the undervoltage messages were gone.
I powered the pi with a old USB cable to the usb port of the pi.
For another data point, I am powering & connecting mine to the Octopus with the GPIO. I didn't get undervolt at first, but it eventually cropped up. So I added the second 5V lead and it's been rock solid since.
I have not tested but you might be able to add a capacitor to help reserve some power.