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SB2209 RP2040. 4 wire PWM PCF. RPM glitch

Hey team. I am experimenting with HB 4 wire 5015. It worked fine with this config:
pin: gpio15
tachometer_pin: gpio12
tachometer_ppr: 2

[heater_fan hotend_fan]
pin: gpio13
heater: extruder
heater_temp: 50.0
I added a HEF to VFAN1, and the Tach started to act weird. It shows 0 PRM up until HEF starts. Then it shows something that resembles PWM for something 0-60-150-200-150-0-60-150-210-90-50-0. I think it's a heater. I tried to add the pull-up to tachometer_pin: ^gpio12. But it didn't change anything.
I tried to plug the HEF into VFAN2 (gpio14). Now Tach just stays at zero. Let me try to unplug the HEF and see what will happen

Am I missing something?
Thank you!
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Unplugging the HEF did nothing. Still zero RPMs. It used to work. I would be thinking about the tach malfunction, if not for that "PWM" output. I tried to change the config for the HEF to the VFAN2 pin while keeping it plugged into VFAN1. Nothing happens. No PWM output in the RPMs
I switched HEF back to the VFAN1 plug, and there was no PRM output.
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