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Some Question About NEMA23 24VDC Stepper Motor Controller


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I have about a half dozen of the devices you linked to. Mine are installed on a CNC machine. What do you want to do with the motor and controller?

All you really need to make the motor move is (1) a power supply, 24V is OK, (2) a 5 volt power supply for the control like and some wire. you can cause the motor to step by connecting and disconnecting the 5 volts wires with your hands. Yes the Arduino could automate that for you. The user manual for the DM542T has all the information you need. You can download it from Stepper On Line

But what is the goal?

Klipper can control this. THe DM5452T hs only "step" and "direction" pins. If you have some space pins on an MCU that can work at 5 volts then you'd be able to control the motor with g-code using mainsail. But again, what to do depends on your intended use case