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Solved Stealthburner LED status Config


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Hi all,

I am trying to get this cool feature working called stealthburner_leds.cfg to work to enable the Stealburner LED to display different depending in its status.

I followed the instructions and changed the LED pins to PB0 which is the one i am using for my LDO Trident 300 but it will not work and display the error saying that PB0 is used multiple times in the config. Where am I possibly going wrong?
I have attached the link and a photo of the error.

Open your printer.cfg or steathburner_leds.cfg and do a Crtl F and search for PB0 and find all the locations is using.
You need to remove the extra definitions for PB0. There should only be one (insert Highlander reference here 😁 ).
So. There are two PB0s. One in the Printer.cfg and the other in the Stealthburner_led.cfg.
If I remove the PB0 from the printer cfg it will show error "Option 'pin' in section 'neopixel headlight' must be specified"
If I remove the PN0 from the led cfg it will show error "Option 'pin' in section 'neopixel sb_leds' must be specified"

Any suggestions?