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Question Stepper motors are too hard


New member
I am trying to build my first Voron01 but I think I have a problem.
When I try to move to afterburner it is almost stuck. I have to use a lot of force to move it.
I have loosened the belts to the point where they almost fall off but still, the afterburner is very hard to move. Also the linear rails are nice and smooth as long as the belt doesn't run by the stepper motors.
Every angle is as close to 90 degrees as I can get them.
I have access to another Voron01 that someone before me built and the belts on that one is a lot tighter but you can still move the afterburner pretty easily.

What have I done wrong? Where should I look?
I'm gessing you have something too tight. With the motor off, they should just act as a bearring. Check that every single part that holds a bearing, or a any turn of the belt can freely move, and is not screwed too tightly. You absolutely need to check every single moving component by hand. This is the only thing that will tell us wether this problem comes from your kinematic or your motors.
Stepper motors will always add a good amount of resistance. Even if the belts are loosened the teeth will still be engaged. Did you attempt to move the head around without belts? was it smooth and easy?
Found the error. I had the belts wrong. I went on the wrong side of the bearings by the stepper motors on both sides which resulted in belts being dragged along the plastic instead of the bearings.
So now its super smooth!

But I have another problem with noisy x and y motors, but i'll put that in another post.