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Strange step loss problem

Printer Model
Voron 2.4
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
For a month now I have been having problems with my Voron 2.4, it loses steps when it prints. Now if I perform a TEST_SPEED at a higher speed and acceleration the printer does not lose steps.
I thought it would be a problem with the printer colliding with the print due to a height problem and I printed without filament and it lost the steps anyway. Adjust all gantry check all straps but still losing steps.
I leave a list below of all the things I have already tried, I also leave my github where I am going to leave the CFG printer and the Orcaslicer profiles that I am using.
I leave a link to a YouTube video where you can see the exact moment where he loses his steps and the characteristic noise (TAC) that he makes. I also put photos of canceled impressions where he loses his steps.

Data from my voron 2.4
Electronics: MKS SKIPR
Canbus: MKS THR36
Hotend: Trianglelab Rapido
Extruder: clockwork 2
Gantry: All metal
Quad Gantry level and Home z: SN-04 inductive sensor

At second 10 of the video you can hear the noise he makes when he loses his steps.

These are all the things I already tried:

Adjustment of all straps

Gantry belts

Calibrate with Probe_calibrate

Motor current

The engines do not overheat

Gantry Alignment

Update Klipper

Try another slicer

Align belts well and have the same tension

The test_print works perfectly

change layer height

Go to 16 microsteps

Print without filament to see if you lose steps anyway
I don't know much about the MKS boards but they could be the issue if they cannot handle the speeds. Again, I don't know about them.

Check your belt path, I have seen so many people run the belts incorrectly. Many show some pics of the back of the A/B motors.

When the motors are not energized, does the toolhead move freely all over?