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Tap issues with Probe and Stealthburner 1 Piece PCB


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I am at my wit's end. so here it goes. My setup is Fysetc Spider 2.2 board with Stealthburner 1-piece PCB.

I ordered a DoDo3dLabs Tap kit with opto tap EE-SX389, V2.4.1. I installed it and I did not check query probe prior but it ended up crashing into the bed and breaking a piece off. I ordered a ChaoticLab Tab from Amazon because it was the fastest way to get a replacement of sorts. I installed the Chaotic Lab one last night after having to make a modification to the wiring because it is 5V only and the probe pin on the HARTK PCB is 24V. I picked up 5V from the LED pin and ran query probe and it registered open both with the TAP up and down. I tried changing the " ^ " symbol and then changing " ! " in the printer config. with the " ! " the probe registered triggered with both TAP up and down. so I plugged in the old inductive probe and it worked as expected for query probe when manually triggering the sensor. I then swapped the Probe to a different PIN on the board to an open\unused BL touch pin redid the testing with query probe and ran into the same results. I am lost can someone please help? I attached my printer cfg file too.


  • printer cfg text.txt
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