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To Tap or Not to Tap


New member
So after a couple of years of procrastination with all of my Voron 2.x parts in the basement, I’m finally starting my build for my 2.4r2. I had some indeterminate revision ABS parts on hand, so I decided to reprint everything.

So to my question, starting from scratch at this point should I go with Stealthburner with tap right out of the gate? Or should I save that as an upgrade after I get the printer up and running without?

Thanks folks, TAP it will be then. I'm not worried about the build aspect, and I believe most of my "learning" on this Voron path will be Klipper since I've never used it.

You're in for a treat then, Klipper is 100 million times better then Marlin. Being able to edit the config and hit save is the game changer vs re compiling the entire config.
I think because of this, it makes the code easier to learn as well.