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Total Run Time


New member
I'm trying to figure out a way to track the total operating/printing time of my printers running Klipper. I want to be able to start looking into real maintenance schedules. I have been looking into using some Nevermore macros that track the time the filters have been running, but not all of my printers have nevermore or run a filter all the time. I am not a programmer, so a little hand holding would be pretty nice :)
Moonraker already keeps track of the total operating time stuff. If you are using Mainsail, you can find it in the History tab :)
Well... I have three printers with between 197hrs and 643hr. And I just learned there is a history tab. I mentioned needing some hand holding, didn't I?
We all have to learn at one time. No big deal, there's a lot of information to absorb.
This actually got me thinking that a time-based maintenance schedule is a good idea. I'm thinking I'll get fancy since I have the printer (soon to be plural) hooked up to Home Assistant through the Moonraker integration. I think I can have that track run hours and throw me a reminder at set intervals to check things out.