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Question Trident started to print 2D?!


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I need some assistance. My Trident started printing 2D stuff onto the top panel. Is it cursed?
Definitely cursed. You'll need an old priest and a young priest.
I only have a virgin maiden here, can is swap one of these out for that or should I look on thingiverse for a priest?
This is normal, it slowly deposits PTFE onto the top panel to make it less transparent. This is a feature.
Commemorative hard copy of the the last print, only works once on a brand new printer then the acrylic must be changed! This was a fun discovery the first time I saw it.
You need to sacrifice your wallet and all of your remaining free time to the Voron gods ASAP
Anyone got a pro tip to prevent this? Does wrapping the bowden tube in braided sleeve do the trick?
For me the "insert bowden, twist from the back to form a nice spiral, secure with zip tie" works very well :) There is always more than a finger space between the bowden and the top panel.


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Our Stealthburners are twins! I started with a grey/blue scheme, but I'm going with the black/neon blue going forward. May even re-print some easier to replace parts in the new scheme.