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Trident Z endstop position

Hot Toddy

I've just built my first my first Voron, a Trident 350 with canbus, and am at the stage of going through the pre-flight tests. The issue I have is I can't get the hotend nozzle positioned over the Z endstop switch because the nozzle is still too far forward (in the Y direction) when the X axis hits the Y endstop. (The nozzle is still over the bed, while the Z endstop switch is 2mm outside the bed.) I can't see how I can move the bed position forward (in the Y direction) to make this happen, as the bed screws are in a fixed position which does not allow for movement or adjustment. This seems like a trivial issue compared to the other hurdles I've already overcome in getting this far but I can't for the life of me figure out how to resolve this. Any help greatly appreciated.
Sorry, false alarm. From where the bed was sitting the nozzle looked way out of alignment. But once I manually raised the bed up to the nozzle the alignment was much closer than I thought. And once I adjusted the Z end stop as far back as it would go … the nozzle now does align with the end stop. Phew!