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Very different results between SuperSlicer 2.5 vs 2.4?


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I've been chasing problems for a few days now in regards to slopes that were printing great before I had to go in and mess with things :p I swapped from a BMO to a Revo on my V0.2 and while I think I still have some tweaking to do, one thing I did notice was the print quality results between SuperSlicer 2.5 and 2.4 are vastly different.


2.5 is on the left, 2.4 on the right. The photo doesn't do the results justice. The right isn't perfect but soooo much better than the left. This is the same 3MF file which is the profile I use for printing Voron parts.

Anyone have thoughts on why this might be the case? I believe the slicing mode on both is set to Classic so it's on the Arachne additions in 2.5

Trouble now is I can't seem to easily go back to 2.4. Something in my .superslicer config I suppose is jacked because if I try to click on the Cooling section under the Filaments tab is crashes. This is not trying to pass any blame on SS or anything. It's Open Source and aside from small donations to the maintainer, it's "Free" so hard to complain about that. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of what's going on is all.
Been testing more, I now wonder if it's an issue with the "Scatter" seam position type. I tried that on 2.4 and was getting similar issues to the above.
Switch to Orca slicer and don't look back. Even Pursa slicer is leaps better then SS now.

Also just glancing at your pic, you are overheating, over extruding or both on the left.
Switch to Orca slicer and don't look back. Even Pursa slicer is leaps better then SS now.

Also just glancing at your pic, you are overheating, over extruding or both on the left.

I pondered switching back to PP. I think the SS developer is actually wanting to get changes pushed into PS if I read some of the comments and bugs right. I prefer not to use Orca since Bambu's practices do not align with my ideology and I'll just leave that at that. PS would be fine, it does everything I need _except_ for being able to define shrinkage per filament. For the V0 I don't really have any issues since the build plate is so small, but on my 2.4 I need to put in the shrinkage (as well as the skew but that's just part of the Start G-Code) to get good compliance.

The overheating thing could be related to the nozzle swap. I'm finding I don't get the overhang performance on a particular model that I did when using my BMO and the only thing I can think of is a different temperature curve between the Revo and BMO that's causing that. Typically I have to bump the temps _up_ with Revo on my Prusas so that's been a little weird. 220C seems very low for ABS. Either way though, the two parts are same temps and extrusion multipliers since it's the same 3MF. Means any differences would be defaults between the two not part of the 3MF and I suppose one of those is causing the issues.

I need to get some parts printed but I'm going to circle back on the scattered change. That was the only change I made this morning between a part that printed beautifully and one that has funky layer lines (not as bad as the above but definitely not quality either).
Will do!

One thing that crossed my mind yesterday was perhaps my filament is wet. I thought ABS wasn't affected but in doing a bit of research, it can be though may just take longer to wet. I wasn't storing my ABS filaments with the same dry conditions I was doing with PLA and that may have something to do with it. I've got a brand new spool of ABS for a Trident build which is still sealed and will be a good test for comparison. That doesn't relate to the crazy layer lines issue so I'll be testing that too, but it might explain why I had to lower my temperatures to get good angled perimeters when I was previously not having any issues.
For sure ABS is Hydroscopic and should be dried. Although I am not sure that is the issue here.
After doing lots of tests for days, while I still haven't figured out what's causing those lines, I did find out that it seems related specifically to Superslicer (now any version, even the "disappointing Christmas edition"). That's with newly opened filament as well (at least somewhat discounting the wet filament thoughts).

Prusaslicer and Orcaslicer are able to create nearly flawless prints (at least test cubes) where I was getting consistent issues with various versions of SS at the same layers. I'm not sure why I don't get those with my 2.4 or what I've only started recently running into these. I can only think it has something to do with 2.5 profiles. I even tried the "disappointing Christmas edition" and still seem to be having issues.

At any rate, I have to eat my hat as it were. I initially wrote off Orca because I thought it was Bambu's official slicer (which given their cloud nonsense, among other concerns, I am a hard no on that) until I found out (today) that it is a separate fork and implements some SS and PS features not found in Bambu's official slicer and also has some privacy implementations (stealth mode).

Anyways I gave it a spin and while the default settings provide for V0's are a bit fast for the quality I want on my V0, it printed like a champ (no funky shrunken or bloated layer lines) and it has some nice features. I'm going to keep using it to try and get my Trident parts printed and then evaluate what might be the next steps. I wish the Bambu login stuff could be completely ripped out honestly (and I wish I could change the UI colors more directly) but it's otherwise a really damn good slicer so far (and being open source, if those things really bother me, well, I could change it).

I still wish I knew how I somehow messed up SS but at this point I think I'll re-evaluate SS once the 2.7 version drops I think. I decided to run through some additional calibration that I haven't done on the V0 in a while (temp, PA, etc.) and then I'll start printing Trident parts and can report back on how things are going with something more than test prints. So far though looks like I found a solution whose name is Shamu or Willy
Maybe go back to the default profile and rebuild from scratch? I did that at one point with my SS.

Orca is a nice fork, and I like that they removed the mandatory phone home nonsense. I'm using it with my V0--likewise after slowing the silly speeds down.
Yep I actually moved my .config/superslicer directory out of the way and started mostly anew. This did work but I somehow reintroduced whatever is causing the issue at some point and I'm not sure where or even how. I thought it was mechanical but I've gone through several prints with OS now without seeing any of the issues I was seeing before. Super strange. Can't complain either since it's open source :) PrusaSlicer did this to me some years back with "thick bridges". Those were ruining my prints and it took quite a while to figure out that new (default on) feature was getting carried over. I now windmill slam the uncheck box for that thing every time.
As a probably final update, been using Orca since I mentioned switching, and so far have been quite happy. The UI is still not ideal. I'd like more ways to customize that but mostly the background of the CAD view is just a bit dark. Still quite usable and a minor nitpick. The quality has been arguably better than before I was having the issues mentioned up above. I still don't know the original cause for why I was all of the sudden getting awful results in SS. And in fact I never saw those issues on my 2.4 (which is why I kept thinking it was something on the V0 itself). I now do all my Voron prints using Orca and am quite happy with the results so I'll probably be sticking with it. For my Prusa's I'm still using PS for now since all my profiles are all setup and for those, PS does all I need though might consider a change in the future.

I even printed what I thought might be a challenging part in ABS on the V0 with no problems and awesome quality (the replacement fan shroud for the Bondtech Prusa extruder upgrade as mine broke). I was just hoping it'd be good enough until I could get a replacement from Bondtech but it's basically perfect.
I'm chasing issues with SS and find default extrusion width for first layer at 140% + default extrusion width at 110% were enough on the profile to give me problems. Something is very wrong with the SS Voron profiles so I'm going to try PS (tried Orca but it crashed a few times and I'll come back to that when it's a bit more stable)
Indeed I thought about the width as well. I believe I compared it with the widths I use in Prusa Slicer and they were similar. I wouldn't be surprised if it's something with the profiles though. There's _a lot_ of settings. I've since settled on Orca for my Vorons but still stick with Prusa for my Prusas. I prefer the Prusa style UI myself though Orca has been pretty great. I wish it removed more of the horrible Bambu stuff but those are both fairly small gripes. Not sure if I'll stick with Orca if/once SS has been sorted or PS ports over more features but I'm no longer chasing prints like I was when I originally my initial post.