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Voron 2.4 300mm build - R4-K5 Companion


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Hello all,

I am a hobby prop maker and my current printer, while adequate, is quite slow. I would like to speed things up with my prints and after some research I landed here. I am considering going with the 300mm 2.4 Voron as it seems like the best balance of size and speed.

I am a huge Star Wars fan and my original plan was to make a "stormtrooper" build, all white, with black and red accents. That said, after some light debate with members of the Voron discord, I have decided to make a build that matches my R4-K5 astromech.

Here are a few images of my plan for the build and the droid for reference. Hopefully, those who offer parts from the pif program wont mind my slight custom color requests.

I am thinking that I might add a set of logics lighting with the same set up I used on the dome of my droid some where on the printer or perhaps try and find a way to include the large radar eye. I could go crazy and make a neo pixel RGB imperial symbol on that back panel and have it match whatever accent color I have on the stealthburner voron logo neo pixel. I am open to any and all suggestions regarding color scheme or anything else really.

It is going to be a bit before I can start the build, but I wanted to get a discussion going, if anyone is interested. I told my wife that I would sell off some of my other props and things to fund this project so I am not spending any money out of my own pocket. Mostly because I am also working on another LARGE project. I shouldn't spread my time more thin than it already is.

This is going to be fun!




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Welcome, and good luck with finding time to build a new printer! If I may offer a suggestion, I would consider the Trident over a V2, not because I think that the V2 a bad choice, but because the Trident is typically a quicker build, it’s easier to tune, and in my experience has had fewer maintenance issues. Please don’t get me wrong: the V2.4 is an AMAZING printer! I have a V2.4/350 and a Trident/50, and they are both BEASTS! But if I had too build a workhorse printer, I’d pick the Trident every time. In fact, I’m currently building a Trident for my son’s robotics team, so this isn’t just a random opinion—it also reflects a decision that I made after using both printers for about a year.

That being said, the flying gantry on the 2.4 is REALLY cool! That alone is enough of a reason for lots of folks to pick the 2.4, and I can’t even argue with that. It IS really damned cool!! So, good news is that there is no bad choice. But I do think that based on what you said about being on a budget and wanting to maximize return on time invested, the Trident sounds like a better option.