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Question voron 2.4 parametric fusion 360

hello guys, crazy guy here again. i did a parametric project of voron 2.4r2, for now just the frame and everything needed to change the profile from 2020 to 4040.

first the parametric common commands, there is a modifier, if you put 3, it's exactly as voron manual asks for, 1 and 2 changes position of the profile, i believe some people might have shorter pieces and would want to build it differently. then we have the build volume, and this will change both projects accordingly 4040 will be a bit bigger on the outside, but inside will be exactly the same.

there are other parameter to change like bed size, distance between bed supports, types of screws and so on. for 4040 i had to change Z_belt drive, and Z iddler, but i decided to keep M5. for rail i changed for mgn12 for 4040, but 4040 can accept up to mgn20, i just didn't use the mgn20 because i was afraid that i woud need to change motors, as it might add unnecessary friction.

also at which point should i go with a bigger belt, my aim is about 500x500, or even just using a 4040 on a 350x350 build, that i already have the 4040 and will have more stiffnes, also would it be fine to still use 2020 for the gantry, at which point would i need a bigger profile for gantry

can someone look up into the changes i made into Z_belt drive and z_iddler, i want to be sure that the alterations i did was enough, also i am thinking in doing a little more offset and clear the corners that way i could make a feet with 4040,

i made this project yesterday, so it might have some problems.

and would the community be interested in the full parametric project ?, i am willingly to do it, with all panels and movements in the main gantry but at same time, if i am the only interested in have this type of project there is no reason whatsover.