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Voron 2.4 R1 VS Voron 2.4 R2 Gantry parts differences?

Printer Model
Voron 2.4 R1
Hello. Im new here. I am also new to 3d printing. I purchased a Voron 2.4 R1 from a friend. He helped me get up and running and I did manage to get a couple prints. Now the gantry hangs up when it goes to the back. Ive gone on the Voron website and found there is a Voron 2.4 V2. Can anyone tell me if the printed gantry parts are the same between R1 and R2? I also am interested in upgrading to the 12mm instead of 9mm. Any help would be great. I also have no idea what extruder type I have or the cooling type. I hope this is the right spot for these questions. Thank you
I think those might be questions for your friend since we have no pictures. If its 100% stock you have Afterburner/Clockwork 1.

I don't think the printed parts are different for the A/B motor mounts.

What do you mean it hangs in the back?
Now that I reread my original post I can see the information was not all that clear.
A friend from work told me his cousin was selling his Voron 2.4. He built it roughly 2 to 2 1/2 yrs ago. He was selling it because he was building a 350x350mm Voron 2.4 printer and needed money to pay for the cost. I bought the Voron 2.4 300x300mm from the cousin, I guess it has a bowden extruder if that helps. He lives 3 hr away. Once I got it home another friend from work who knows how to run 3d printers helped me print some things and learn a little how to do it myself. After a few prints the gantry started to hang up when moving toward the back so it would not quite trip the switch at the back. I also noticed that the gantry would sag down at the back when not in use. I tried to find information about all this but I was not able to find anything (up untill now I have not know about this forum). Another thing I noticed is that the belt clamps on the 4 corners have some stress marks in the plastic. Not sure why. I figured the belts needed to be replaced and maybe reprint some of those gantry parts so they are without the stress marks. Not sure if they have warped or miss shapen to cause those stress marks. So I bought some new belts and started to take things apart so I could replace with new parts. Then I stopped and did more research so I dont mess it all up. That is when I saw the Voron 2.4 V2 came out.
I need to know if the printed gantry parts are the same from the Voron 2.4 and Voron 2.4 R2. If I can have access to the first Voron 2.4 models I can compare the parts between the first and second release. I have solidworks so I am able to check the models.
In doing my research I saw that the new "Tap" came out plus some other goodies like the 12mm X rail instead of using 9mm. SO I do want to upgrade the X to the 12mm.
With all this said. Im looking for the models from the first Voron 2.4 release for comparison to Voron 2.4 R2
Im looking for information and models for the 12mm X rail upgrade
Looking for information on the new Tap system.

Thanks for the help. I can post some pictures if that will help
Now it is clear. The parts in the back that hold the motors are the same.
Going with a 12mm X rail you will need to reprint the parts that hold the X beam extrusion.

This will show you the differences in functional changes https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kPTQX1FffAdaUSn5Bqg3Sz63h_om7z8YBTyErquPfNM/edit#gid=0

As far as the gantry sagging. Is this when the printer is turned off or at idle? You may just need a little more tension in the belts.

I am going to link you to two very helpful resources. https://docs.vorondesign.com/build/startup/

And for tuning or dialing the printer in https://ellis3dp.com/Print-Tuning-Guide/
The gantry will sag when not in use. So yes to sag when off or idle.
Is there a visual guide to the new parts. I looked at the list in google docs and I have not idea what any of those things are.
The other links are great resource. Thank you
After the 3D printer is powered off and the motor loses power, it is normal for the gantry to sag due to the weight. Therefore, you should level the gantry before printing. As for the files in Google Docs, I estimate that if you need to upgrade to R2, some parts will need to be reprinted or purchased.
That does not have the 2.4 R1, just the R2. I looked at the "previous version" and that was 1.8 release. I wish there was a visual guide and CAD files to spell this stuff out more clearly. Noobs like me need each step spelled out until we get our sea legs so to speak. Maybe Im not looking in the right place. Thanks for the help NoGuru.
You got it. Took me a long time to find all this printing info scattered across the interwebs. If I can save someone time and stop a headachy I will ;)
You got it. Took me a long time to find all this printing info scattered across the interwebs. If I can save someone time and stop a headachy I will ;)
Thank you NoGuru. I work in Engineering so this stuff being scattered really gets to my OCD. I also train people, make Engineering Standards and Libraries at work. My experience at work having information laid out and readily available and now being a noob and not knowing how to find information is really frustrating. As I get up to speed I am keeping notes so I can create some kind of guide and library to put all this stuff in. Some kind of roadmap at least would be nice. The links you gave me really helped me out. Thanks for helping a noob. Have a great day
I work in Automotive in IT and work with Engineers daily. I generally put them in two categories, one very organized and two, the opposite of organized 😜

I browse these forums while patching servers and things that make me wait a few minutes when working. Those two links I use to help someone troubleshoot about 90% of the time so if you get familiar with them, you will become an "expert" at printing.