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Question Voron 2.4R1 with Spider 2.2 Board - After first print homes X in wrong direction causing Klicky to fail

Printer Model
Voron 2.4R1
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Hello all,

I have posted this on several other places including the FYSETC github. I have a FYSETC 2.4R1 kit with the Spider 2.2 Board; all FYSETC stock parts. I upgraded to Klicky probe, sensorless homing (just like my ratrigs) and running the latest klipper version. I have had this issue since the first start-up but sometimes I am having the tmc low voltage errors, and after a fresh power-up and first print the printer fails to home 75% of the time. The X axis will actually home in the wrong direction after the first print for some reason; and this causes a failure to pick-up the klicky and failure to print. When this happens, I have to do a forced power cycle of the AC power to get the printer to behave properly again.. once I power cycle everything it works fine again for another print.

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem, and if so what was the solution? I was considering that the X axis sensor less homing sensitivity setpoint was too low causing it to "make" before the motor even moves, but this in turn causes a hard bounce when it homes correctly and I have to dial it back down.
I would be worried about the TMC Low Voltage errors ... what stepper drivers do you have, what stepper motors, and can you upload your printer.cfg or at least parts with relevant configuration?
Sensorless is a beast of its own too.