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Voron M4 on a Long Bowden


New member
Hey all,

I've recently upgraded the old and dust collecting delta printer in our Hackerspace with Klipper. After some extrusion issues I also upgraded it with a M4 extruder.

The calibrated pressure advance is 0.54 and retraction is 1mm. Sadly since the switch to the M4 extruder it seems like the stepper cant keep up with the required moves. It makes some really nasty noises (was to afrait do do it again to record it). With accelerations up to 5k it's fine, but with 10k i cant go higher than 0.4.

It's currently running RADDS 1.5 board configured to 16 microsteps.

Printer Configuration: https://github.com/b4ckspace/delta-klipper/blob/main/config/printer.cfg#L40-L64

Printer in action with PA of 0.2:

Thanks so much for your help.