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Solved Voron TAP and cable drag chain


Hi all, I just installed TAP (r8) on my V2.4r2 and noticed that, while TAP moves the toolhead normally in most of the XY space, it struggles more near the far left. In other words, you can move it up, but there's some resistance for it coming back down. I think this is due to the cable chain putting some resistance to the down displacement.
Is this something any of you have ever seen? Do you have any recommendations about what to do?

I don't think is very clear, but normally I feel how the toolhead returns very fast to the bottom and the magnets click, but this doesn't happen when the toolhead is at X min. In that situation I feel it returns slowly to the bottom, and it even doesn't reach the bottom. It's less snappy.
My guess -- bend radius bind of the cable chain. Try moving the whole chain to the left a bit if possible.
Thanks a lot, I think I fixed it... The chain was raising tap when the toolhead was at the left, because there were too many chain links on top of the xy joiners, which raised the chain. I fixed it moving the chain more to the right.
I found the problem, so I'll write it here in case it's useful to somebody. I solved the problem by flipping the first link in the chain, the one that is attached to the stealthburner. I had it oriented in such a way that the first joint got locked when the chain was straight. After flipping it, it allows flexing the joint between the first two links, so if something raises the chain, it won't affect TAP.