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Voron 2.4 xy joint cable bridge replacement


Having built 2 Voron 2.4's with the same issue I guess someone else might have it too....

On both of my V2.4's the xy joint cable bridge touches/rubs on the y-axis drag chain. I assume the generic drag chain I am using is maybe slightly larger than the original spec. But regardless if anyone else has this issue, here is a new version of the bridge which provides greater clearance in the event you have the same issue.

Here is a link to the part... replacement xy cable bridge


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    xy cable bridge.jpg
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Hello this is my first time on this forum i was building my own design printer until i couldn't carry on due to illness I'm now back in action and decided to scrap my design and build a voron 2.4 r2 so i have lots of parts i can salvage a quick question would i get away with using bigger drag chain i have lots of igus E2-15-10-028-0 drag chain do you think i could get away with using this thanks in advance jase