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Voron Tap


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Hi everyone!
Searching for an info about the Voron Tap bed leveling as I would like to start printing parts for my first build but not sure will it be included into printers repos or it will be a mod. Not even sure is that related to the extruder mount or other.
I couldn't find any info on Discord or forum thread, except the announce live video.
Great - Thanks for the update. Waiting to change the belts on my 2.4 as they are extremely worn so hanging on for Tap so that I can do it all in one go.
Haha I have a massive CANBUS upgrade to my Trident on pause because I want to do TAP at the same time
Yep - doing that one as well. Have an octopus pro stat in front of me with an EBB 42, Ramalama's idlers and cooling solution for Octopus, New PiTFT50 display, Slice Magnum ready Stealthburner assembly. Just wait for Tap and the sensor before I tear the printer down! Just hoping the belts hang in there for a coupler of more days!

oh and a Nevermore.....

Once it is all settled down I can start the ERCF!!!!!

Then in need to build a 0.2 as a backup printer...

3D printing and Voron's. - Addictive!!!!!


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Hahahah so true! I have all parts printed for a SW, just finished assembly of an ERCF, and am adding EBB36 CANBUS, steel backers, Nevermore, and a few odds and ends to the Trident. Just need the TAP files to release and I can get started.
No Tap vendor yet, so just a self sourcing for this moment I guess.
Looks like it. That being said, not much hardware.

Lots of people must have a Mgn9 rail to chop 50mm out of. You'd have to be careful for sure, deburr that thing properly... but it doesn't look like this has to move exceptionally smoothly either, it just moves between two hard stops.

Afaik the "official" PCB is really for neatness and convenience but you can buy a pre-wired sensor at most electronics vendors (links in the BOM) and add your own connector.
Magnets are pretty standard

Screws... that's it.

So one could easily build everything now, and then just order the PCB and rail if they have doubt about the way they did things.
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