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Voron V0 - 0.2 now released

Seeing all the love this little thing is seeing, I'm might just have to build one now...

Haven't finished watching the live show but thank you for the work and passion !

Cool seeing the most recent hotends like the XG are getting attention as well.
Just another iteration of the v0. Nothing out of the ordinary, just what you would expect from the Voron Team:
Look into the community feedback and mods, think about what could be improved and throw it all together... But they don't stop there, they have to make it awesome!^^
Great job, guys! There is pretty much everything I was going to add to my v0.1 (like the new skirts all the way around, the bottom plate, sensorless homing, ...). Plus some really nice to have additions like the new tophat and its lock.
The only point that seemed to me unfinished on the v0.1 and hasn't really changed with the v0.2 is the open area around the lead screw. A cover (like https://www.teamfdm.com/files/file/604-v01-lower-bay-guard/) including the z endstop would look cleaner in my opinion. But maybe that's just me :)
right after I printed all the parts but the tophat.... looks like I'll be tearing mine down and rebuilding it. o_O:geek: