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Voron V0.2 meshed Skirts and Multicolor Parts


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I really love the design and updates on the V0.2!
And I also love the idea of having a meshed skirt as on a Trident mod!

So I remixed the new Skirt pieces a bit so they can easily be printed with a nice mesh inside the hexagonal pattern.
You can find them here: V0.2 meshed Skirt Set
There is also a one-piece Side Skirt (both open and meshed): large Side Skirt

Also, if you like dual color printing:
I have remixed the Display Faceplate so you can the hex pattern and "x" in accent or any colors you like: multi-color Display Faceplate
And if you really want to go the extra mile and have the Voron logo next to the Power Inlet in accent color, I've got you covered as well XD Dual Color Mains Inlet Foot
Both of these can be printed on a regular printer. Just print the accent color pieces first and make sure to set z hop to at least the accent color pieces heights, so the nozzle won't crash into them.


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