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Voron V0.1~V0.2 self sourced


Short about me, i have been 3d printing since 2011 with a RepRap Mendal (i got the printed parts from a guy i knew who at a university in Copenhagen).

Then i upgraded to a printbot plus (the wood model) back in 2015, who i replaced with a modded sunlu s8 in 2021, but had to take it apart in early 2022 and put it in storage, do to some moving, and never got around to assemble it again, since it takes up souch space, thats when i decided that i wanted to make a Voron V0.1

I started printing some of the parts around August 2022, until may 2023, where the printer i was using to the print the parts, stoped working, it was a craftbot flow idex.
It had been printing almost every day since December 2020, we estimates that it had around 12.000 print hours total, before the main board gave out.

Just to clarify, i was allowed from my boss, to print some of the parts for the build, once in a while, with some of the spare fillement, that was to short/not enough to use for anything else, when the printer wasn't busy, which for both wasn't much, especially the filament, that normally where around 20cm-30cm, so i had to "weld" some of the fillement strands together, and re-spool it, before i could use it for anything really.

But after the printer gave out, we got a bambulab X1C, and it turned the rest of the parts out in no time at all,

All of the parts are self-sourced, because, i felt like it was the only right thing to do, since i already have apent A LONG TIME, printing all of the parts, i could have been using my sunlu, but abs is not something it is able to print, since it warps to much on the printbed, and PBT+ is very abrasive, so it was not something i wanted to frustrate printing on thw sunlu.

For the printed parts, it is primarily made from 3DE Premium PBT+ snow white, and RS-Pro Red ABS, some some accent pieces here and there, and parta you can interact with, i wanted it to be kinda like a Ultimaker, with the clean white design, but keep some of the estetic that voron has, like the red color.

For the hotend, i have decided to use a bambulab hotend, since it can print with abrasive filaments, and that we got one extra with the bambulab, so we had 3pcs 0.4 nozzles, so i was allowed to got one of them :D

Some mods will included, like:

-sideswipe Klicky prope.
-1 piece skirts all round.
-skirt with usb and ethernet port.
-voron v0.2 toolhead.
-3.5" touchscreen.
-nema17 for the a and b drive, instead of nema14, since i allready had some laying around, so why not reuse them, instead of buying new ones.

I dont have all of the parts yet, but i have everything to get the frame done, but the rest is primarily electronics and printbed, so thats stuff i will take care of in the end enyways.


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oh, and by the way, the reason that i gave this (soon to be) voron the nickname "the egg" is because, i always thought that the voron v0.1 looked like an egg, and this is going to white, so, well, i thought it was fitting
Nice build, looking forward to seeing how it goes for you! Just beware that using white filament is not recommended due to poor properties of it caused by the material used for the colouring :)
Nice build, looking forward to seeing how it goes for you! Just beware that using white filament is not recommended due to poor properties of it caused by the material used for the colouring :)
Thanks 😁 I know that 3DE premium PBT+ snow white is a great material, even though that is white compared to the black variant they sell, but I do think it is because of how the PBT behaves, and the added glass fibre, except that you can't print really fast with it, like abs, since it doesn't cool down so fast, but it can withstand 150° Celsius before deformation
After an eternity later, have I managed to cole this far, one this I need to figure out, is how I am going to attach some kind of rubber feet to it, since the feets I have attached, was a mod that should help with the high if the z motor, but it is just tall enough, so it stands on the motor itself
What kind of belts are those? White usually means steel-core and that won't work with the tight bend radius on V0…
What kind of belts are those? White usually means steel-core and that won't work with the tight bend radius on V0…
I got them from a friend who works with automation and robotics, these are fiberglass reinforced, I got no idea where the place he works at got them from, but I won't complain, free is free after all 😅
That's awesome! There are a lot of folks who would like white fiberglass-not-steel-core belts…
I think it is a shame, that no company is selling coloured GT2 belts, now that's something that would look super cool for customisation, since all accent colours could match the belts in some capacity
Well, after a long time trying to find a bed, that was cheap enough for me to buy, i simply just gave up, and decided to make one myself.

One day, i was talking to one of my friend, and he happened to have some cast aluminum sheet laying around that i could have, since he where going to scrap it anyway.


So i cut it to sice on the bandsaw at my school, it is not perfectly square or onything like that, but it is close enough for me.



And lucky enough for me, that specific day, our server went down at the school, so no one could use mastercam, so no one else could use any of the machines, well, exept for me, since i was one of the few who actually could ISO CNC code by hand (ISO6983), so i asked if i could borrow one of the Haas Mini Mills, since the one who had booked it had left for the day, with the rest of my classmates.


And now i have a "truly" self sourced aluminium bed for my voron, and i didnt even spend a penny on it.


It fits perfectly, the only thing i should have done, is touching up the sides of the bed, since they are just cut, and the line on the front from the wise, since the edges of the raw plated had a slight curve to it, but it does make it look rather then other V zeros if i may so myself, a bit of an industiral vibe, which is quite fitting, given how i managed to get most of the parts.
I almost forgot it, i also managed to install Klipper on my Raspberry Pi, and connected the Elegoo TFT touchscreen via the GPIO pins, the colours are dim, the viewing angles are bad, no to speak of the abselutly high refresh rate, of just 4Hz, but it was cheap, 5£ on sale from amazon (DE), and it does the job, but i should properbly have bought the Waveshare instead, but thats future me´s problem to deal with.




Also, i added the SlideSwipe by chestwood96, mostly because i think that this "klicky arm" specificly looks cool, so why not, robot arms are cool.



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FINALY! it´s alive :D and it even managed to print the first test print without any trouble, the only thing there is left, is to finalise the enclorsure thats going on the back, where all the electronics can reside, kinda like a mini PLC cabinet (and clean up some of the wiring)



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