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Welcome to the new Voron Forum!


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I would like to welcome everyone to the new official Voron Forum.

We have received input over the last 1-2 years that many users don’t use Discord or Reddit, many struggle with the pace of Discord channels, or that the fragmented nature of Discord made it hard for some people to receive the support they needed. This will be an official platform with key design crew and helpers participating. This forum has been some time in the making for planning and for vetting sufficient help to moderate. Please enjoy, ask questions, participate, and contribute!
This absolutely one of BIGGEST Voron game, we love it so much! Thanks all your hard work on this!
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Yeah as much as I Love Discord and it's amazing search features I am pumped about this forum. Please let me know if i can do anything to help.
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Great work! Been a while since I joined a new forum. But think this could help searchability of "stuff" :D
This is fantastic, as much as I enjoy the Discord, the fast pace there means I miss a lot due to not always being able to be around.
I'm sure this place will get busy real quick, but I'm excited to see this (old) new way of interacting with folks. Best will be the various ways to bookmark and track various threads, which can be daunting at times on the discord, even with the search function.
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