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Welcome to the new Voron Forum!

Awesome! I've been wanting an official Voron form ever since I fell down this rabbit hole. Thanks guys!
Thank you for finally putting a forum together. I feel this will help organize all the great ideas everyone has to share with the community.
Excellent news! If people can stick to discord for transient/instant messaging and use this forum for more meaningful discussions and support needs, it will bring a lot of visibility to important bits of knowledge and avoid duplication. Thumbs up!

Is there anywhere I could read more regarding the choice of XenForo? (first time I'm using it, looks decent but I am curious as to whether opensource solutions were considered).

Small suggestion, would it be possible to have a distinct favicon for the forum so it's easier to tell it apart from the main site/doc pages in a busy browser with lots of tabs?
Very excited about this. Love the Discord but it will be nice to have a place where items won't get lost in the shuffle!
Glad to see somewhere where searching doesn't involve trawling through random discussions to try and find answers :)
Sweet! Happy to be here! I hope the update is huge and this becomes a thorough and easily searchable repository of user experiences and helpful troubleshooting knowledge.
I love Forums. I would never have thought of that happening, but it's great!
I'll hope we'll get the possibility to connect/link the discord-account within the profile soon, but GREAT being here!
This is a fantastic idea, Not only will it help people solve their issue, but it will avoid the same questions being asked over and over again. It will be much easier to find people with the same issue