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What kit to pick for v0


Hi all. I'm on the search for a v0 kit. I've seen some options: fysetc, siboor and formbot.
Some mention upgraded motherboard like catalyst, some upgraded hot end like dragon.
I'm a bit lost as I'm not familiar with the specs of every part - what counts as good quality and what's not.
I'm looking for complete, silent as possible and reasonably priced kit.
I have no desire to print on my own the abs parts so ldo is out of question.
Which one would you pick?
I have no objection to replace some parts but still use as much as possible of the kit.
For v0, I think all are OK options, at least now, finally? I have experience with Formbot only, and except for screws being from some very soft steel which is easy to strip, the kit is very solid.

BTW if you want to go with LDO, but cannot print ABS parts, there's an option - VORON runs their own Print It Forward program. Vetted members of our community sell very high quality parts which those from kits don't match. (I.e. Siboor tend to crack after some time.) https://pif.voron.dev once your provider pick you up, tell them which kit you bought and they take care of you. Prices are very good as well.
How is your experience with Formbot? What is the printer height built? What hot end is best - Dragon high flow?
How is your experience with Formbot? What is the printer height built? What hot end is best - Dragon high flow?

I bought two Formbot V0.2 Kits, the first one with the Phaetus standard flow hotend - which works pretty well in my experience. But was only delivered as OEM kit, without nice packaging and goodies.

However, I ordered the second one with the "cheap" option. That hotend has a ceramic heating core, which I really like. I have put some dozen or so hours of printing on it and haven't had any issues. Iirc it comes with a hardened steel nozzle, Dragon with a plated nozzle.

Given the price advantage, I'd go for the "V6" option (which is totally not V6 style) and maybe get a CHT nozzle if you are trying to maximize flow.

Overall I was positively surprised by the quality of the parts in the kit, given what I had read about it before. One thing I really didn't like was the umbilical, mainly since they use quite stiff wires. I replaced it with a Canbus toolhead after a while, if you feel confident about CANbus you might as well build it like that from the start.

I'm going to print tpu mostly. I'm not very concerned about speed. More about noise level as I work in the same room.
Which hot end will fit best?
Can you please link me the parts I should upgrade to?
V0 can be built really quiet, I would consider:

- replacing the stock Formbot fans with dual ball bearing variants
- 5V fan for the electronics compartment and running it from the BTT Pi, configure it to run only when printing. In fact, I found cooling the electronics compartment mostly unnecessary.
- enclosure and foam tape

If you mostly print TPU, probably the extruder matters more than the hotend. Unfortunately I cannot give you any recommendation here, sorry.
How is your experience with Formbot? What is the printer height built? What hot end is best - Dragon high flow?
I'd personally avoid the Dragon High Flow unless you're going to be printing only ABS. It can have heat creep issues in full size toolheads, so the smaller / more cramped toolheads used within the v0 platform will probably magnify such an issue.