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Where is 0,0 supposed to be?


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Getting close to finishing off a Switchwire conversion from an Anycubic Vyper.

X and Y zero puts the toolhead at the bottom right of the bed, which is (currently) position 235,235 (X.Y)

At least for my 2.4 350, that would be the back right, not the front right. So the X is oriented correctly, but the Y is "upside down".

Is that right?
No, that's not right. 0,0 is the front left of the bed, like it would be on the 2.4 or pretty much any other printer. You've your y axis backwards by the sounds of it.
X axis also , if 0 is on the right. Moving the toolhead to 0,0 should move the nozzle to the front left corner , as in toolhead all the way to the left, and the bed moved all the way back.
Yes, thanks.

I switched the direction pin and inverted the position_endstop from 235 to 0. I had to tweak the bed mesh as well, but now it's all good.

Now Bottom Left is 0,0