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Y Belt Tension


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How is everyone, who has or is building a SW, getting the Y belt tight? I am finding it difficult to both pull on each side of the belt, keep enough tension on it, and the put the belt holder on. If there were two belt clamps instead of one, it might be easier.

Suggestions? I'm sure I'm overlooking something super-obvious.
Usually the Y motor mount is used for the final tension.
Move it towards the rail as much as you can.
put the belt on , just getting it as tight as you can without too much fussing.
Then once clamped, loosen the y motor mount and pull it back, away from the rail to do final tension adjustments. It might help to put a screwdriver in there to lever / twist to help push it back.
Then tighten the y motor down.
Worked ok for me.

If you dislike the idea of that, there's tensioners on https://mods.vorondesign.com/