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z motors and bed disalignement


Printer Model
Trident 300
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
I everyone , i'm Sandro and tihis is my first trident 300 mm by Formbot Kit
I'm stuck with 3 Z motors , only one leadscrew turn but i hear all 3 motor working.
I did test STEPPER_BUZZ for each motors but i found only one leadscrew turn (Left) , the others i hear motor run but the leadscrew stopped .
If i try to get home position , Bed positioned inclined with a strange noise and then Stopped .
When i come back this evening i will post my Z config of Printer.cfg.

Many thanks for help .
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  1. Can you manually turn the leadscrews and have the bed go up and down? If not, something is locked up.
  2. Is the shaft coupler between the stepper motor and the leadscrews tight? If the motor is turning but the leadscrew isn't, that seems like a place that a step may have been skipped.
I haven't built a trident so I can't help much past the above - update with your progress.
Any FYI on the leadscrews: No couplers to worry about there. The Formbot specs show using the proper integrated leadscrew motors.

@Dickdasty by leadscrew backlash did you mean loosening up the mounts a bit? I now recall I over tightened mine initially and it bound things up. You want those screws & locknuts just tight enough to keep it from rattling, but not locked down.
Yes it's right , you have to consider all tollerances that are in the 3 support of leadscrew ... if they cant "play" , the z motor run without turn the screw . I hope you understand my english-maccheronico !