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👇 Click to check more infos about BIGTREETECH EBB SB 2240 CAN!


Dear Voron StealthBurner Users:

You're gonna love this EBB toolhead board for Voron StealthBurner!
• Use USB-C or CANBus to connect. Simpler wiring with fewer points for failure.
【Onboard TMC2240/TMC2209】
• TMC2240 is TMC's latest driver offering and provides better thermal performance and electrical circuit protection. Ideal for use within a tight enclosure.
【Onboard peripheral ICs offering convenience and functionality】
• Onboard ADXL345 - Input shaping without the hassle.
• Onboard Temperature Sensor - Know how hot your driver is.
• Onboard Max31865: 2/4 wire PT100/PT1000 support - For those high temp, high accuracy needs.
【More flexibility than anything else in the market】
• Better CANBus connectivity: XT30(2+2) port for supporting current up to 10A
• Bed leveling ports for auto bed-leveling module or proximity switch
• 3 Fan ports with 5/12/24V voltage selection. Use Noctua with no step-down regulator! One of the three fans is a 4-pin port with tacho feedback
• Heater cartridge connector supports currents up to 5A
【All sockets and connectors have been carefully chosen and positioned to ensure that your wiring will be simple and painless】

EBB SB CAN toolhead board and Manta E3 EZ will be available on Jan 5th,8PM(GMT +8)! Join this giveaway to bring it home!:https://bit.ly/3WFUnYW

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