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ADC error on startup

Trying to get past this ADC error. All research says extruder thermistor. Wondering if there is a better way to test. I have pulled the thermistor from the hot end and am trying to plug it into the Spider port directly.

Can't find clear config info for this thermistor. It is the one that came with the E3D stealthburner that I have. 3mm dia and about 12mm long copper barrel to fit the heater block.

Thermistor appears to be a: HT-NTC100K

Config file attached.

Printer is fully built and wired Voron 2.4 350... Has hartk hot end board but I am trying to bypass that to check thermistor. Bed heater thermistor is plugged in directly. Understand if this is configured and working properly that I should see about room temp on both. Can't get the dashboard to come up to find out.


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Update, I messed with some pins and connected the hot end thermistor to the spider v2.2 directly and got past the ADC out of range error. Also had to put in an include statement for MainsailOS which worked and the dashboard came up. Hotend thermistor reads room temp pretty accurately but the bed temp is -44c for some reason. Probably sensor type and config info. I think I found documentation for the bed thermistor as an NTC 100k type (same as the hot end?). So I'll match the config parameters I guess. Onward to testing.
if your dashboard is coming up sucessfully with a bed reading of -44 (which actually is more likely a matter of wiring, such as not being plugged into the correct port), I can only assuming you've set the bed's min_temp setting to something low: please be very wary of this. Remember that you absolutely must undo this change before actually trying to use the bed heater, since you've very effectively crippled a key safety system.
You were correct. The wrong pin designations were called out in Printer.cfg . There were two sets based on which rev Spider and the wrong set were commented out.

Seems all is starting to come up working properly now and a restart returns a working machine. Now I have to verify all the pins and wires at the Hartk board. My crimping skills got better as I went. Hope I don't have to redo it all.

Thank you very much.