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Question Alternative XY endstop mounting bracket


Printer Model
voron 2.4
Hi, I have a question, do you know a bracket for the xy endstops which however is fixed (perhaps to be mounted on the x motor support) and not mounted on the y axis. Having mounted the can bus I no longer have the cable chain and therefore I wouldn't know how to pass the cables. Thank you.

P.s. I tried sensorless but I don't like it.
Something like this? Mount an off the shelf switchboard with LED to Y and other to X. Works great with CAN and G2E


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thank you, they were exactly these, for the moment I tried to create a bracket that follows the linked bracket (before changing the entire piece) but unfortunately I have this other problem. I tried different arms for the stealthburner but they all touch the cable carrier. Do you think I'm doing something wrong?
Another curiosity, could I solve the problem if I moved the bed further forward?
When I assembled the printer I obviously followed the manual but perhaps there is a dedicated guide for the 350mm version?
I leave a video of the problem.
Sorry for late reply. Been dealing with family health crisis.
If you have already resolved your issue. Congrates.

I have the same Voron 2.4 350mm and mine does not hit the back of the extruder.
This X Y switch solution does not move the carriage such that you lose any range.
I have BEDPAN installed which requires 5mm more room in back.
How much does the extruder bang into the cable chain?
Maybe that 5mm is enough
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