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Beep on fixed frequency after upgrade to CAN


New member
I'm running a Trident I built from a Formbot kit one year ago. Recently, I upgraded the toolhead to CAN bus using a BTT SB2209. My Mainboard is a BTT Octopus F446. I have a BEEP macro in my config like this:

[gcode_macro BEEP]
    # Parameters
    {% set i = params.I|default(1)|int %}           ; Iterations (number of times to beep).
    {% set dur = params.DUR|default(100)|int %}     ; Duration/wait of each beep in ms. Default 100ms.
    {% set freq = params.FREQ|default(2000)|int %}  ; Frequency in Hz. Default 2kHz.

    {% for iteration in range(i|int) %}
        SET_PIN PIN=beeper VALUE=0.8 CYCLE_TIME={ 1.0/freq if freq > 0 else 1 }
        G4 P{dur}
        SET_PIN PIN=beeper VALUE=0
        G4 P{dur}
    {% endfor %}

SoBEEP I=1 DUR=200 FREQ=440 would produce a 440 Hz beep. I use this to play a short melody when a print starts and ends. The beep is produced using the Mini12864's integrated beeper. It is defined like this:

[output_pin beeper]
pin: EXP1_1
value: 0
shutdown_value: 0
pwm: True
cycle_time: 0.0005 ; Default beeper tone in kHz. 1 / 0.0005 = 2000Hz (2kHz)

This was working fine for a year, but since the CAN upgrade it does not produce different frequencies anymore, so a
BEEP I=1 DUR=200 FREQ=440 sounds exactly like a BEEP I=1 DUR=200 FREQ=880

This could be some side effect of the CAN upgrade, but I don't have an idea right now how to debug this. Maybe the reason is somewhere else, because during the CAN upgrade I also updated all software components to the latest versions and re-flashed klipper. Does someone have an ideo how I can restore the old behaviour?
Thank you! That was the reason. For reference, changing the config section of the pin to this solved the problem:

[pwm_cycle_time beeper]
pin: EXP1_1
value: 0
shutdown_value: 0
cycle_time: 0.0005 ; Default beeper tone in kHz. 1 / 0.0005 = 2000Hz (2kHz)
If you recently updated Klipper, this commit is probably why: https://github.com/Klipper3d/klipper/commit/fd2feff67df65c559cafc8fc5f2fd8601355e81a

See https://www.klipper3d.org/Config_Changes.html for the changes marked as 20240123
Thanks for your help !!! Very useful ! Finally have my favorite movie tune at startup :cool:
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
M300 P491 S784
M300 P504 S880
M300 P496 S698
M300 P504 S349
M300 P1500 S523

if you like... enjoy!!