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BTT HDMI5 touch screen installation/config


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2.4 r2
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
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Hello everyone,

trying to install a BTT HDMI5 screen on my voron 2.4 but im getting pretty lost with the result i've found on internet.

Does anyone have a straight forward way to do it? any tips on the procedure to install it?

I'll be glad for any response, thank you in advance!
Have you used Kaiuh to install KlipperScreen?

If that doesn't do the trick you will need to google how to enable the HDMI output on your pi. IIRC, it might depend on what image you started with if it's installed or enabled. I don't know all the flavors and what's by default or not.
Yes, used it, i just tought i needed some more conffiguration for it to work but you just need to plug it in and it runs.

Thank you very much ;)