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BTT Octopus V1.1 adding a switch for DFU mode


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Hello people,

Maybe someone has allready looked into this, so here it goes.

Does someone know if it is possible to add a switch to the BTT Octopus V1.1 to have it enter DFU mode. I had the idea of adding a switch where the jumper is for entering DFU mode, but i have also noticed that you have to press the reset button on the board for it to enter DFU.

Is this even something i should look into, or is upgrading the FW not a regular thing. I really want to keep the messing about beneath the deck as minimal as possible.

love to hear from the experts!
100% not needed. Everything that needs to be updated can be done from the Mainsail interface. The only time I had to reflash the control board was switching to CAN bus.