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Canbus help


Could really use some help on this one as I have run out of ideas. 6 weeks ago I performed a update which cause the UUIDs to stop working. There was a patch released to resolve this but unfortunately didn't work so had to reinstall software. After a successful software install which I had to use the patch, I am now getting the above problem. I have installed a new cat6 shielded cable and a new high-end USB type c as well as trying others. As far as I can tell, everything is stable until I try to hate up the hot end then after about 5 to 15 seconds I get the above issue. I have tried disconnecting, hot end and same results. The machine was running perfectly before the software update. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hmmm, I don't know the answer, nudging around to see if anyone has more ideas. I've seen a few people say they resolved it by moving to a more capable RPI.
A user on the discord reports that their problem went away after they
Switched to 1M canbus speed
Reflashed the octopus.
Reflashed the EBB without canboot
Funny. I can't get mine to run with canboot neither. My speeds are set to 1M And have tried reflashing the octopus. Got a feeling it's software related and has something to do with this patch. Maybe I will try using mainsail instead of fluid.
Could you post your klipper config? A common cause of this is that people have stupidly high microsteps in their config.
I had that issue too, it is a problem with the latest versions of one of klipper's dependencies. You can fix it by downgrading:
cd ~/klippy-env
bin/pip install aenum==3.1.12
and then restart the klipper service.
Looks like that package was just updated, the latest version works for me now. So ignore the above instructions and upgrade it instead:
cd ~/klippy-env
bin/pip install -U aenum