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CANBUS on Swithcwire?

Currently have a Switchwire with a BTT Mini e3 V3. I have had to wiring break a few times in the cable chain and would like to switch to CANBUS (I have run CANBUS on my old Trident and 2.4), but with the Mini e3 only having one mini-usb, I dont think that is possible? Curious if anyone here has connected their Mini e3 to CANBUS in anyway?
That topic came up on Discord a few months back. clearest answer I saw is as follows -
stm32f103 (CPU in the skr mini e3 v2) doesn't support simultaneous CAN and USB, so it can't act as a bridge. And looking through the diagrams it doesn't have any onboard CAN transceivers, so if you wanted to run it as a pure CAN device, you'd still have to hook up a transceiver and hope some GPIOs that can be used for CAN are open. SKR Mini E3 V3 in theory could do it, but you'd still need a transceiver. Looks like a few pins on the EXP1 connector would be usable for a CAN transceiver
IMHO, I'd just get a Manta or an Octopus with integral CAN. More I/O where you can setup chamber thermistors, bed fans, LED lights, etc. So there are other benefits with a more fully featured mainboard.
You will have to either get a:
  • USB CAN adapter (5-20$) — U2C, UTOC, Canable, ..., pick your poison
  • newer board which has a CAN header (50$+)
I would recommend going the USB option. It takes up a bit more space, but it is much cheaper, for the most part, better documented and so far a bit more reliable :)