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Contorl board for Voron v1.8


New member
Hi, it is my first time to build voron and Im planning to build V1.8 (I only need 2 Z axis for now due to budget). Now, for the BOM the control board reccomended is BTT SKR 1.4. My problem is it is a bit expensive + TMC2209 modules needed. I came across with BTT SKR mini E3 V3 which is much cheaper and the TMC2209 is already soldered on the board. Can I use SKR mini E3 V3 for v1.8? Does anyone already have SKR mini E3 V3 on their machine? Any failure / errors encountered?
Sorry, I just saw SKR mini E3 v3 without the heatsink. It only has 4 TMCs so the ZAM and ZBM is just connected in parallel.
Ill go with SKR 1.4