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Voron 2.4 two mcu options

Is anyone running two main boards (excluding a toolhead board) on their 2.4?

I am looking at the BOM and I have a Duet 2 wifi sitting here with 5 steppers (original) - unfortunately one short for the motion system. I don't have a Duetx expander for additional steppers and they are difficult to find now the Duet 2 wifi is discontinued and the cost of that expander is up with a new 8 stepper board where I have seen them. I am reluctant to ditch the board as it was uber-expensive when I brought it and the specs are still very acceptable (TMC2660)

I was wondering if there is any performance / reliability / quality hit for running one board on the 4 bottom steppers and a separate smaller board (SKR Mini E3 etc) board for the steppers on the gantry using klipper. I was under the assumption that one board is required for the full motion system but technology is moving so quickly these days
I think you answered the question yourself when you mentioned the toolhead board, its the same concept.
You should be fine adding the SKR