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Question CANBUS with spider 2.3, ebb2209 and orange pi 3


I have a siboor 2.4r2 kit.
Mainboard is a spider 2.3 with a orange pi 3 lts. I've bought to add a canbus on my printer a EBB2209 toolhead module and U2C 2.1.
First step that i did was uptade U2C firmware, i was ok
after that i tried to make can0 port on orange pi3. I created can0 file in interfaces.d folder and reboot. Then checked for can0 with the ifconfig, none showing.

I've connected u2c usb c to opi3 usb 3.0 port
and spider 2.3 is connected to opi 3 via usb c to usb 2.0 port